Locla is a rural based online used goods store operating out of southern Iowa. It has been in operation since 2021 and is ran by a decade-plus eBay seller who loves what he does.

Locla operates with the goal of spreading “Iowa Nice” to it’s customers, delivering an enjoyable shopping experience with accurate product descriptions and great shipping.

Our Corporate Headquarters and Distribution Center 😀

Online Store With A Rural Mission

Locla is also a concept store with the goal of aiding businesses and customers in the rural communities it is located in. There is a deep desire to do more than just sell used goods, but to create lasting impact, by: 

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  • Creating jobs and work in our local rural communities.
  • Offering affordable digital services to rural businesses to help them compete on a global level.
  • Providing affordable work/life opportunities for workers with free rent and paid training.
  • Creating and develop ideas that broaden our reach and expand our mission.
  • Offering digital skills training for locals for talent creation and remote work opportunities.


Locla also puts a large amount of focus on using software to create a more sustainable ecommerce business. This is important for small rural business like us in that we are able to save money and have greater control over our business.

From Physical to Digital

Through creating our own software we have come to the sobering realization that small businesses today are over-subscribed and drowning in digital solutions. There’s not only too many “solutions” to choose from, but they are all too expensive!

And so offering digital solutions that help other small businesses operate more affordably is something we want to do on a larger scale. Bootstrapping is a core part of rural life and we want to share that with others.

This dual focus on digital solutions and tangible used stuff will allow us to be a more sustainable business in giving us products that do not need to be restocked and can be sold globally and without shipping. This will help us better fulfill our rural mission.

rural iowa,highway i-69,lamoni iowa main street,small town main street
Our small town’s main street – Lamoni Iowa

We look forward to providing these solutions to you in the future!

Built on Main Street USA

We ship directly from our property in downtown Lamoni Iowa right on main street.

Lamoni Iowa is a small town with a farming and college background that dates back to the late 1800’s. At one point it’s future seemed bright with the planned railroad that would connect it to major cities, but plans changed when competing railroads gained favor. It’s remained a rural town since and a doorway for those entering Iowa on I-35 as they sneak by.

While we don’t have a railroad, and the downtown doesn’t see much traffic from I-35 –we are able to get traffic of a different type and sell to customers all over the United States from our website (and globally through our eBay store).

We are very proud to be one of the millions of small businesses in America today and even more proud to be one in rural iowa! We hope you stick around and share s with your friends as we are a small business that grows through word of mouth.


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