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Your Used Stuff Store Selling Houseware, Collectibles & More!

We source used and discounted items from local communities to sell on eBay. We post what we have for sale here as well as eBay and invite you to shop wherever you feel comfortable. We do offer global shipping on our eBay store and U.S. shipping only for this store. We hope you stick around and come back often to see what’s new!

Special Discount For Fellow Iowans

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Shop our odds and ends and save as an Iowan buyer.

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is better.


Discover vintage kitchen utensils to bring a rustic charm to your kitchen for use or as deco.


Find antiquarian books you can smell and hold in your hand. A great addition to your collection.


Enjoy the ad-free experience and simplicity of popping in a VHS and pressing PLAY.


Find new old items to decorate your home with.

We’ve Cooked Up a Deal!

Get yourself some solid skillets for home or outdoor use. These Make great camping skillets for campfire cookies, smores, rustic breads, medleys, and of course sizzling steak fajitas. Hungry yet?



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Committed to providing southern Iowa and northern Missouri with unique offerings.

flat-fee online consignment

We’ll list your first 10 items for sale for a flat fee of $50 and take absolutely NO consignment rate!

Free “Clutter” removals

Have a lot of stuff to get rid of? Feel bad about throwing it away? There’s a chance we can do something with it! Tell us about it and we may remove it ALL for you free of charge.

local website development

Let us build a simple and easy to maintain website for your rural business. *This is a special offer for rural businesses only.

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