2x CREEPY Framed Wall Art “Twins” & “Tiger” 16×18 inches (MUST SEE)


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2x Creepy Framed Wall Art “Twins” & “Tiger” 16×18 inches (MUST SEE). Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.

These are incredibly creepy!

Both pieces are in good condition. The edges of both frames have some wear and minor chips but are otherwise hard to notice unless you really look closely. 

The front of the first piece has a mark on the front that looks shiny when viewed at the right angle, but otherwise hard to see.

The front of the second piece has some minor scratches in bottom left, a spot bottom left corner, and some other abrasion marks that look shiny in light.

Some of these marks look like claw marks.

I have attempted to photograph the wear so please inspect pictures closely.

There is a signature at the top right of the first piece but I cannot read it –see photo. The frame has a brilliant gold look to it. The red ribbon really pops. They demand your attention because they are so unusual.

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Weight 8.00 lbs
Dimensions 20.00 × 3.00 × 17.00 in

2x CREEPY Framed Wall Art “Twins” & “Tiger” 16×18 inches (MUST SEE)
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