Actiona Bot For Windows – Easily Save Lists of Links & Folders!


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Finally! A super simple way to store “Active” links to important items on your computer and quickly launch them!

This simple easy-to-use tool can help you stay on top of your most important folders, links, & files WITHOUT loosing them.

Any daily Windows user knows it’s easy to lose sight of the important folders you are trying to stay on top of.

This tool will allow you to quickly save important folder paths and links to a convenient list that can be used to quickly “refocus” your desktop back on important thoughts. 

It’s EASY:

  • Launch the application
  • Copy a URL or folder path for an item you want to save… (can be relevant to an active project or the day’s tasks)
  • Type a meaningful name for the item.. (anything you want!)
  • Click OK! It’s now in your LIST!
  • Want to launch one? Select it and hit OK and your brain will go to it!

Now you can access your “Active” links easily whenever the application is open.

No more searching around your desktop to get back to where you need to be!

This is an excellent, simple way to keep a list of important links for the day, week, or a project that need to be top-of-mind.

But not only that it’s a great way to save lists of important items from ANY folder on your computer without having to create endless shortcuts.

What You Get:

  • very simple, small application that saves your important links in a nice convenient list
  • A way to easily add or remove links from your saved list
  • Use on a Windows computer, and as many as you want!
  • Works with “Local Links” for software like TheBrain, Logseq, or Note Station
  • Works with some shortcut links – see example in demo video
  • Complete source code for the project so you can tweak or update the bot yourself
  • Free access to all my future releases of “helper bots” for your Windows computer

Make it Your Own!

Did you know that many daily Windows users are hungry to automate the basic tasks they do on their computer ever day? Of course you did because that’s you! 

Then this deal may be for you:

  • Get all the code used to make this tool
  • Tweak and add to it to your hearts desire!
  • Rebuild it however you want!
  • Repurpose and use the script in your own projects!

You can start creating your own “helper bots” for your own purposes.

NOTE: The source code provided is editable in Actiona, a totally free application you can use to build your own bots.  All of this is bundled together on a USB Flash Drive.

That’s right, this listing is for a USB Flash Drive that comes pre-loaded with the items above and will be mailed to you. This is in accordance to eBay’s TOS for selling software. 

Learn Actiona

Actiona is a free automation software that lets you build your own automations for your computer. It is a great tool that when used right can yield powerful results. 

The problem is of course it can be hard to find functional examples of working bots to learn from –but not anymore! Now you can dig into a real-world bot to see how it was made and to learn from. 

You can tweak it as you go and see what each little change does. It’s an excellent way to learn this fantastic tool and will give you a great launchpad to start from as you use it to create your own bots!


It either works or your money back!

I simply do not want to sell you something you can’t use!


This software comes with full transparency as you get the complete source code for it to review and compile yourself if you wish. You have our guarantee that the source code is secure and does not invade your privacy in any way. You are free to compile it yourself for total peace of mind.


Your purchase comes with access to new helper bots as they are released. These will be small bots like this that improve Windows for users that want more control over their computer. Access will be made available via an email newsletter and you will be given a special access link in your USB Flash Drive to sign up to it with just your email address. Please note that you will lose access to this benefit should you return this item.

What to expect:

  • Tips for automating your Windows computer and getting the most out of it
  • Small bots that help users accomplish more with their computer
  • All source code for the bots so you can make customizations yourself
  • Free training on building automations / “bots” for your computer using free tools
  • Free project files to use with powerful premium tools to automate even more on your computer!
This is all provided for free and will be delivered by email as released.


  • No copyright laws have been infringed upon in the creation or distribution of my application.
  • I am the sole creator and owner of this product and no resale rights have been granted.

Thank you for looking and if you have any questions or customization requests then please feel free to send a message.


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Actiona Bot For Windows – Easily Save Lists of Links & Folders!
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