Embossed Copper Serving Tray Set Shaker Butter Mini Pitchers Israel Holland


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Serving tray says Israel on it, and has original and worn stickers on back. It is a copper coated tray with signs of use and age such as scratches and green oxidation.

The micro pitchers are copper and brass and two say Holland on the bottom and one says Japan. They show age and also show signs of use such as dusting, oxidation, and small dents.

The small butter tray is stamped on the bottom with Solid Copper, and also shows oxidation.

The salt shakers are copper coated and show age and oxidation. One of the shakers is missing its small cork stopper. The other cork stopper is very old and likely brittle so you may need to replace it as well.

There is some small spots of sticker residue on the these pieces, that will need to be polished/cleaned off.

This is a nice copper serving tray set that would look wonderful as a display or serving set for yourself or guests. 

You can display the tray and use the other pieces, or of course use them all together.

The pictures will give you an idea of the condition and the size of the pitchers and accessories. They are very small and fit nicely on the tray. The tray is embossed and the pitcher with the narrowest base may not stand that well on it and need a flat surface like the butter tray to stand on. 

Definitely a fun vintage serving set!

* The stand in the first and last photo is used for display purposes and not included in the set

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Embossed Copper Serving Tray Set Shaker Butter Mini Pitchers Israel Holland
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