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Aside from used merchandise, a core focus of our company is software and building small “bots” that act as companion tools for other software to help users get the most out of their favorite software.

You can also learn from these bots and use to build your own tools for own projects. Each bot comes with a users guide for both the software and the source code so aspirational “botters” can tweak them however they want.

The bots we release are all ones we use ourselves and have built to grow and manage our business, and are designed to improve how we use favorite software.

We can also build bots for your own use if you are interested, and have a community site for those that want to learn more about building bots.

Built With Actiona Automation Tool

We build our bots using free bot building tools like Actiona. Actiona is an excellent automation software that can automate many tasks on your computer. It has a simple interface but there is a somewhat steep learning curve if you know nothing about basic programming concepts.

When you  buy any of our bots you get the Actiona project files that you can edit and learn from yourself. Having a functional real-world bot goes a long way in learning how to use tools like Actiona yourself!

We combine Actiona with another free automation software called Autoit which is excellent for creating “human-proof” settings that allow your bots to run error free despite human errors.

Bot Categories

We currently offer bots that enhance TheBrain knowledge management software, with more coming!


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